This is the epitome and the international recognition of the IFTC qualification. With our exclusive link to our sister school, the Paris American Academy (PAA), IFTC offers a degree programme that allows students to pursue and obtain an associate degree from Paris in just one full year of study.

Because of our distinctive curriculum and high teaching standards, PAA accepts IFTC programme credits as part of their degree programme for the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Fashion). This arrangement is exclusive for IFTC graduates only. This is a life-enriching opportunity to study fashion in Paris, France and through this exclusive tie-up, students will be exposed to many facets of fashion development at one of the capitals of fashion.

Applicants to this programme are expected to have minimally completed the IFTC 2-year Diploma Programme before enrolling for the IFTC-PAA Twinning Degree Programme. Students enrolling for this will also be required to attend a basic French language course, present a portfolio and attend an interview with PAA.


IFTC was the first Malaysian fashion institute to be affiliated to the acclaimed Paris American Academy (PAA) a reputable fashion and fine arts academy in France, located in feisty and creative heart of the exciting Latin Quarter in Paris.

Admission to obtain the PAA’s Bachelor of Fine Arts degree via the one-year fast track programme is only accepted by consideration through IFTC. The basic requirements are ideally the successful completion of IFTC’s 2-year fashion programme OR equivalent subject to assessment by IFTC. The intensive training during this tenure is equivalent to a normal 2-year varsity programme. All applicants have to submit their portfolio and designs accumulated over the years for approval. The final step is the actual presentation of a complete collection as proof of both academic and technical expertise.

Visa and accommodation will be arranged by PAA & IFTC. An orientation to Parisian life especially organised by PAA will assist students to acclimatise upon arriving in the French capital for the first time. All students must have rudimentary basic knowledge of conversational French before departing for Paris. French lessons can be arranged and conducted in IFTC’s premises every week by a qualified French tutor.