The world of fashion awaits

INTERNATIONAL Academy of Fashion & Design (IFTC) is Malaysia’s authoritative fashion school.

Founded by principal and director Annie Wong some 36 years ago, IFTC is recognised by governmental bodies and is the only fashion school in Malaysia to be affiliated with the Paris American Academy (PAA), one of France’s leading private institutions of fashion and art.

International affiliation

Since 1990, its programmes have been accepted by the PAA, whereby IFTC graduates are allowed to enrol directly for a one-year academic degree programme instead of two years, thus saving time and cost.

IFTC specialises in all areas of subjects related to fashion design and lifestyle. Its programmes incorporate the newest trendsetting genres, knowledge, techniques and the latest IT technology to suit industry requirements, trends and market expectations.

Courses are designed to suit different learning levels, from the artistic passionate individuals to the working professional seeking a second career option.

Hallmark of a successful curriculum

The true success of its teaching method was proven at the world stage of fashion education when former IFTC student Datuk Bernard Chandran became the first Asian in 20 years to win the coveted European fashion contest when he was studying in PAA under a partial scholarship from IFTC in 1991.

Today, Bernard is an A-List celebrated international designer.

Over the years, IFTC has produced many talents in the Malaysian fashion scene.

Fashion Design Courses offered at IFTC are:

> Two and a half years diploma course (full time)

One-year course (part/full-time)

Six months advance course

Specialised courses in bridal designs and collection, Muslimah and couture designs

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Paris (one-year twinning programme)

Masterclass workshops by Annie Wong

JPK Courses: SKM 1, 2 and 3, DKM 4

Free trial lesson available for those interested. Call or e-mail for more information.

Paris & London Study Program 2015

IFTC has extended its international education collaboration with London. For 2015,

it offers:

> Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master degree in Paris and London

> Two-week fashion seminar in Paris


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