Curriculum & Teaching system
IFTC focuses solely on the fashion education. Our curriculum is constantly revised and updated with the latest techniques and trends in the industry. We have constantly kept abreast with the changes and evolution of the fashion industry over the past 40 years and applied it to our curriculum taking into consideration market and industry needs.

Pioneers in Fashion Education
Our team of experienced lecturers, instructors and fashion experts are committed to deliver the program through theoretical and practical hands-on exercises. This is to ensure that every student receives an all rounded development in every aspect of fashion design skills as well as key fashion industry knowledge. Our goal is to provide the essential skills required for our students to pursue a career that provides financial rewards as well as artistic satisfaction.

We are Internationally Affiliated
Since 1990, our Programs are accepted by the Paris American Academy (PAA) under an exclusive collaboration where IFTC graduates are allowed to enroll direct for a one-academic year French fashion degree program, instead of 2 years, thus saving time and cost.

IFTC Top student, Dato Bernard Chandran was the first to participate in this arrangement under a partial scholarship from IFTC in 1991 and became the 1st ever Asian in 20 years to win the coveted European Young Designer’s Contest fashion event when he was studying in PAA. Today Bernard is an A-List celebrated Malaysian international designer.

Testimonials & Success
We have thousands of testimonies from employers in fashion related industries as well alumni who have gone through our programmes attesting to the high-level and quality of education provided at IFTC. The unique curriculum that focuses on practical application of core skills in today’s fashion business needs.

Successful Graduates
Many graduates have managed to carve out successful brands and careers for themselves in the local and international fashion scene with numerous designers setting up businesses in prestigious locations as well as working for international brands.

Our principal, Annie Wong leads a team of lecturers and students to Paris frequently to upgrade and learn new concepts as well as share ideas via workshops and short programmes.

By bringing the best fashion education curriculum and industry knowledge that is on par with any other international fashion programme, we endeavour to deliver immediate value and returns to your time and investment. Your time with us will be truly rewarded with an exciting experience that provides valuable skills and domain knowledge. That is our commitment to meeting your aspirations and your future success is our ultimate achievement.