Springing into style with bright colours

BRIGHT colours and beautiful creations were the main highlights on the runway at Sungei Wang Plaza Concourse when the students of the International Fashion Training Centre (IFTC) debuted their Ready-To-Wear and Couture collections for Spring-Summer 2008.

The junior students presented stylish, trendy and chic Ready-To-Wear pieces while the seniors presented glamorous and elegant Couture pieces in various themes including bridal wear. The pieces also entailed Middle Eastern influences of bare midriffs with beads and shiny sequin that are representative of the culture’s traditional wear.

For the casual collection, high collar jackets and tops are the craze which gives a very gothic yet stylish appearance. The jackets and throw-over tops are a great match with any outfit that is a great complement to the weather when it gets windy.

The couture and bridal collection saw a lot of classic cuts with a play of tie-up corset backs, detailed sequins and artwork, and ruffles. But the most interesting take for the couture and bridal collection had to be the incorporation of kebaya features in one gown.

The IFTC’s Young Designer Fashion Show 2008 was part of the school’s end semester fashion presentation where the young designers presented a fashion showcase based on the theme Style-Focus. The collection was very focused on the creative inspirations that are improvised and blended with European fashion styles and norms.

Creations modelled on the runway will be available and displayed at the launch of IFTC’s upcoming Young Designers Showroom to be located at Bukit Bintang.

IFTC is the pioneer in the local fashion education industry having groomed many potential world-class fashion talents of international standard and recognition, including icon Datuk Bernard Chandran.

IFTC’s motive through organising regular fashion show events is focused on promoting, opening opportunities to their budding young creative talents and strengthening our country’s vision for promoting fashion to make Kuala Lumpur the next international fashion hub of Asia.  Artikel Penuh:https://www.thestar.com.my/news/community/2008/04/17/springing-into-style-with-bright-colours/