Ever had an interest in discovering what the fashion line is all about?

IFTC International Academy of Fashion & Design is delighted to offer this exclusive ONLINE Fashion Course. Our 3-months course is constructed by respected academics and industrial experts. If you have been looking for the ideal beginning for your future career in fashion, this could be it.

The course has been constructed specially for fashion enthusiasts who want to learn basic fashion skills paired with fashion marketing and retail knowledge. You will be given an introduction to the Fashion World, with our video lectures, you can watch from any electronic device.

The fashion industry represents nothing less than a dream profession route for many people.  Nevertheless, somewhat few have the drive, willpower, and necessary industry knowledge to breathe life into their dreams.  What usually makes the difference between the need to work in fashion and breaking into the industry is the essential educational background.  To succeed in fashion industry means to understand the profession, while at the same time perfecting your skills and abilities as an expert.

Why not take this opportunity to begin studying fashion design courses via online with us?  

With enrolment open 365 days a year, every day is the perfect day to begin working toward a productive future. There are no deadlines, no time limits and no existing knowledge or experience required to sign up.

Possible career opportunities: Fashion Entrepreneur, Garment Alteration Expert, Fashion Designer, Fashion Stylist, Pattern Maker and etc.


  1. Get first-hand fashion knowledge and learn basic skill sets.
  2. Short course with usable fashion skills which can be applied immediately.
  3. Access to online learning material.
  4. Combination of live, pre-recorded, and digital learning material.
  5. Blend of pre-arranged small group, face-to-face learning when permissible.
  6. Fashion theory and retailing.

This beginner program is suitable for school leavers, hobbyists, and enthusiasts. Discover ways to start a small fashion business.