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Apart from professional courses, IFTC also offers other fashion courses and seminars to suit every requirement and to allow individuals to make the best of acquiring fashion skills be it as a vocation or for personal development.

  • Seminars / Talks – IFTC conducts seminars and talks on fashion and dress sense, gromming, image presentation and basic fashion designing and dressmaking skills. Our speakers can astonish you by demonstrating skills to design, cut and make an evening gown in one hour. Please enquire on our schedule or call us to presonalise group seminars for your organisation on various topics.
  • Fashion design discovery programmes – These are very short introductory seminars / programmes lasting around 2 weeks that allow students to get a feel of what the fashion industry and a career in fashion designing can offer. In addition to that, prospective student will get a feel of the IFTC programme and it's unique curriculum.
  • School holiday programmes – We have created this programme especially for schooling individuals who want to develop fashion related skills. We will impart the necessary knowledge for you to design and make simple and basic clothes. This is an  ideal course for individuals who want to keep themselves occupted during the school holidays and learn useful skills.
  • Specialised short programmes – IFTC also Offers short programmes customized for beginners and advanced level individuals. These programmes are developed with a specific goal in mind to impart specific skills. For examples, we have specialized courses in bridal wear or baju kebaya/kurung for experienced individuals. Or you may be interested in commercial product design for curtains, cushions, pillows etc. Please contact us for a list of such programmes.
  Professional Fashion Design - Other Courses
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