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Career in Fashion

Professional Fashion Design - Career in Fashion

Fashion designing is a exciting art form and at the same time provides a stimulating and rewarding career path to many stalwarts. Fashion designing is more than just creating beautiful pieces of fashion. It extends to a myriad of activities and opportunities that lie within the fashion industry itself which is a thriving and lucrative industry.

The local and export market for the fashion industry is one of the top 10 leading revenue drivers for the  country. In this region, the fashion market especially in manufacturing accounts for a large volume of consumer wearable's found throughout the world today.

Fashion isn't just about clothes. Fashion accessories and consumables such as handbags, shoes, belts, jewellery and other items can be included within the scope of fashion designer. The industry itself requires skilled and knowledgeable people constantly and it is with this criteria that IFTC Structures if courses and fashion programmes to provide the necessary skill sets and individual would require to adapt and blend into the fashion industry almost immediately.

The fashion industry offers a large scope of job career opportunities includes :
•    Fashion, product and accessory designer
•    Professional pattern drafter
•    Boutique business in bridal, evening and couture
•    Fashion stylist and image consultants
•    Fashion merchandiser and buyer
•    Fashion writer, journalist and editor
•    Fashion manufacturer for mass production
•    Fashion entrepreneur
•    Textile and colour specialist
•    Fashion creator and consultant
•    Fashion couturier
•    Fashion IT-online business

These are just some of the various opportunities a right qualification can offer and as our graduates will testify, an IFTC qualification has helped many achieve their goals and aspirations.

IFTC International Academy Fashion and Design
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